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Evidence-based and role-specific reference questions that predict the future job performance of your candidates. Gather insights that lead to accurate recruitment decisions.

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The value of 360º candidate insights

In any selection process, the information gathered on a candidate's behaviour is typically provided by the candidate themselves, except during the reference checking phase. This makes references a vital source of information that can offer valuable insights and augment the information already gathered. By leveraging the unique perspective offered by references, organisations can make more informed decisions when evaluating the suitability of candidates for a given role.

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Crafting Effective Reference Questions That Leads to Informed Recruitment Decisions

Our expertly crafted questionnaires are designed to elicit information that is both reliable and relevant, rendering them ideally suited for digital reference checks. By utilising our thoughtfully designed questionnaires, organisations can efficiently and effectively gather the information they need to make well-informed hiring decisions.

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Optimised Reference Checking
Increase the likelihood of identifying high performers and minimise the risk of hiring under-performers.

  • Our questionnaires are designed with statements that provide insights into various characteristics that are indicative of job performance.

  • Multiple questions are carefully crafted to measure each characteristic, and the responses are consolidated into an index.

  • The reference report generated by our system aggregates all the data collected from references and calculates a mean value, providing a clear and concise overview of the candidate's performance potential.
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Concise Reports With Relevant And Reliable Insights

After receiving responses from the references, the information is compiled into a concise and polished reference report that can be shared with colleagues or clients. This report offers a clear understanding of the behaviours that are most relevant to optimal job performance in the specific role that is being recruited for. With these valuable insights at hand, organisations can make informed hiring decisions and select the best candidate for the position.


Why Refapp Insights?

Role-based questionnaires

Gain valuable insights into the behaviours linked to job performance in a specific role.

Evidence-based process

Scientifically based questionnaires and a digital, standardised process increase validity.

Professional and streamlined reporting

Gain all of the candidate's references in one report to easily compare answers.

Automated reference collection

Once you have chosen the questionnaire and provided information about the candidate, you can easily start the reference taking with one click in Refapp. The rest is done automatically and you receive the finished reference report sent to your email.

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