BSA Solutions combines Workable and Refapp to collect candidate references automatically

Customer Story Emelie Dahl

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Customer Story: Marnie Aliviado, Director, Business Development
Company: BSA Solutions 
Industry: Outsourcing and offshoring

Key results:

  • Streamlined their recruitment process by integrating Refapp with Workable. Scaling the reference checking has allowed them to save time and onboard more applicants.
  • Improved reference experience and higher response rates 
  • Easier and more professional presentations to clients with Refapp’s automated reference report

The Challenge: Phone calls with references were time-consuming and unstructured   

- Reference checking has been an important part of our recruitment process from the get-go. We have clients who require us to do reference checks on the applicants to verify collected information and ensure good hires. However, the many applicants we process daily and the manual work of a traditional reference check made it hard to keep the process structured and efficient.

- We started looking for a solution with a better experience for the references, a higher response rate and an efficient workflow”, describes Marnie Aliviado, Business Development Director at BSA.

The Solution: Checking references digitally, starting from existing talent acquisition software

- Last year, we transitioned to talent tracking software, Workable, and immediately saw significant effects in the efficiency and quality of our work. As part of this move, we explored the various integrations available through Workable and found Refapp.

With just a click in Workable, we initiate a candidate’s reference check through Refapp. The candidate is requested to submit the contact information to their references, and questionnaires are sent automatically. Refapp compiles the answers in a professional report that we can access through Workable and share with our clients by email. It’s very straightforward!

The Result: Improved reference experience, higher response rates and professional reporting

- With the integration, it has been easy to transform and digitise our reference-checking process, streamline our work and keep everything secure in one place.

"Most often, the references have submitted their answers in less than two days and the insights we collect make for confident hiring decisions. In addition, we get great feedback from both references and clients who appreciate the process."

About BSA Solutions

BSA is an outsourcing and offshoring company based in Cebu City, Philippines. Their clients are based in Australia, Singapore, the US and Ireland. Their vision is to engage and inspire associates and clients to be champions and do the impossible. BSA is committed to consistently pushing the boundaries to deliver world-class service, exceeding expectations every time.

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