Faster Reference Responses With Refapp

David Kozak


Waiting for references to respond if at all can be a frustrating endeavour for any recruiter. Not only can the manual process of having to remind references take up valuable time but not getting a response can limit the number of insights you can gain from a candidate. 


How often do you find yourself having to hold off sending out a contract because a reference is taking too long to respond if at all?

Depending on your region, industry and market, there is a different perception towards reference checking; some references understand the value of providing feedback whereas others may not. 

If you identify yourself in a market with the latter being predominant, don’t worry, we have you covered!

We have found that by using digital solutions with an emphasis on user experience, recruiters experience a substantial increase in response rate and a decrease in time to respond from references. 

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How does it work?

Once a candidate has requested that the company they are being hired for is using an advanced and easy-to-use solution which will require minimal effort on their part we can begin the first steps. 

A reference is invited by your branded company email to choose between a phone call or to fill out our easy-to-use form to submit their feedback on the candidate. 


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Our statistics show that the global average for choosing the digital format is 94%, and the percentage of references who enjoyed using Refapp to submit their feedback is 96%.

The average time for the reference to fill out their feedback can vary depending on how you position the questions, and how detailed of a response your team would like. It can vary between 4-7mins for a short form. 

The questions are laid out in a varied format of multiple choice, sliding scale and text box, this allows for a more accurate representation of the candidate while also saving time for the reference. 


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Our solution also features automated reminders every 24 hours, to remind the reference politely to submit their references had they not done so already. So your team does not have to manually resend emails to the reference and removes this manual task entirely for your team. 

We also include an SMS and Email messaging system which connects with the references through both channels of communication, allowing them to choose which way they would prefer to access the questionnaire form. 

Refapp is used successfully globally by over 900 companies, and in markets where references have a tendency not to want to provide reference feedback for a variety of reasons. The response rate for these markets is substantially higher than what it would be by using a manual method of reference checking. Our global average response rate is 84% and the average global response time is less than 24hrs.

Try out Refapp for free now and avail of the benefits of time-saving, accuracy and creating an effortless experience for your candidate, references and recruiters. 

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