How we work with Customer Success and Support at Refapp

Emelie Dahl


When you have questions on how to maximise the value of digital reference checking with Refapp, or if you face problems with the tool, you can trust them to be there - Refapp's Customer Success and Support team. They are never more than a call, an email, a webinar or screen sharing session away, ready to clear up any concerns and answer all of your questions.

That all sounds lovely. But let's be a bit more specific. Jon Sigve Skard, Customer Success Manager and Jennie Engberg, Customer Service Coordinator at Refapp describes what you can expect when working with us.

Refapp's Customer Success Managers - when your organisation needs help and guidance

- Working with Customer Success at Refapp, our main priority is to get you off to a flying start using the tool and make sure that you have everything you need to make the most of it. We have helped private and public sector businesses in various fields of activity to implement digital reference checking and gained a lot of experience while doing so. Based on your needs, we can help you with, for example:

  • Onboarding meetings, rollout plans and training sessions when implementing Refapp. We know the importance of having a clear software rollout plan to make the implementation process run as smoothly as possible. Your Customer Success Manager will help you get started with Refapp in a way that suits and benefits your organisation.

  • Integrate Refapp with your ATS. We work closely with a wide range of Applicant Tracking Systems and can help you integrate Refapp to your recruitment process.

  • Customise Refapp to fit the type of recruitments you do. As a part of the onboarding process, we can help you with everything from GDPR-compliance to shaping reference check questionnaires for different positions.  

  • Regular check-in meetings where we discuss user experience, user statistics and your goals going forward. If you have requests for new functionality, we are happy to introduce that to our developers. Our customers are usually the stepping stone for new features in Refapp.

  • Monthly and free live webinars where new users get a walkthrough of digital reference checking with Refapp, and we present the latest product updates. 

Refapp support - every user's go-to for guidance and troubleshooting

- Our support is based on a couple of cornerstones that we never compromise. With these, we want to make sure you always have a positive experience when contacting us

  • You can always reach out to us, no matter your question. We are available for guidance, tips, advice and troubleshooting. Never hesitate to get in touch.

  • You'll get help fast. You can reach us by phone, email, via our Help Centre or directly from within Refapp. On average, our users get help within 15 minutes. Many issues can be resolved immediately. If the problem requires further troubleshooting, we won't leave you lost in cyberspace, and you'll receive regular updates.

  • We're happy to talk on the phone or meet online. A hands-on briefing or screen sharing is often the quickest way to clear up questions.

  • Support and tech are a close-knit team. Our developers are never far away if you run into a problem that requires more in-depth investigation.

  • We welcome feedback on challenges or wishes. The relationship we have with our customers is our main priority, and the feedback we get from users is what makes Refapp better and better. Always feel free to let us know what you think.

We hope you found this information insightful! Are you interested in learning more about digital reference checking with Refapp? Book a demo!