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Reliable and fast reference checking for the recruitment and staffing industry

Refapp provides precise and efficient reference checks, ensuring the safety and competency of hires and meeting the rigorous standards of the recruitment and staffing industry

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Why Refapp?

Navigating high turnover

Swift and efficient personnel replacement is crucial in the dynamic staffing landscape, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your clients.

Revolutionising reference checks

Refapp transforms staffing reference checks with automation, streamlining the process for data-driven decisions.  

Security and compliance assurance

In staffing, data security is paramount. Refapp ensures a secure process, from data collection to storage, with candidate verification and fraud alerts, safeguarding your staffing solutions' integrity.

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Swift talent acquisition with Refapp

Hire quickly when candidates are scarce

Refapp prioritises a smooth candidate experience and rapid reference checks for timely talent acquisition to beat competition. 

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Streamline your work

Utilise a fully digital collection of references

Once you have chosen the questionnaire and provided information about the candidate, you can easily start the reference checking with one click in Refapp. The rest is done automatically.

Refapp allows references to provide their answers in their own time and how it suits them. Automated email reminders ensure that you don't have to remind references manually to submit their answers. 

Optimised reference checking

A plug-and-play solution to better predict your candidates' work performance

Role-specific and science-based questionnaires

Gain valuable insight into the behaviours associated with job performance in a specific role. Choose from our extensive library of templates.

Data to make informed recruitment decisions

Relevant and reliable insights on whether the candidate is suited for the role they are applying for.

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Candidate attraction in focus

Tailored branding experience

Incorporate your Career site to the landing page for references and customise communications to reflect your brand. 


Drive results during reference checks

Generate leads

Refapp takes your staffing solutions a step further by incorporating a robust lead generation feature. Elevate your recruitment strategy and stay ahead in the competition with our cutting-edge tool.


Manage phone calls as needed

Calendar booking function

If the recruiter or the referee wants to book a phone call instead of answering digitally, Refapp’s calendar booking function helps you find a suitable time slot. When it's time for your call the recruiter answers in Refapp for a GDPR compliant workflow.

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Intuitive and smart

Professional reporting 

Benefit from a fully automated process and receive all of the candidate's references in a comparable easy-to-read report which can be shared securely with your team or client. 

Improved reference experience, higher response rates and professional reporting

Most often, the references have submitted their answers in less than two days and the insights we collect make for confident hiring decisions. In addition, we get great feedback from both references and clients who appreciate the process.
Marnie Aliviado Director, Business Development BSA Solutions
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Our customers appreciate the structured and professional report

At Jerrie & Maquire, we use Refapp to digitalise our reference checking process. The tool helps us become even more efficient, and it is easier to get in touch with referees, even internationally. The referees appreciate the possibility of being able to provide their answers in writing or by a phone call at an agreed time.
Pierre Sander CEO Jerrie Jerrie


86% Response Rate

Our automated reminders, accessibility and intuitive user interface ensure references are more likely to respond.

7hr Typical Response Time

Gather all of your references for a candidate within a couple of hours. 

96% Likes Using Refapp

The majority of references providing a reference check via Refapp have had a positive experience. 

1250 Clients

Refapp is a global supplier of digital reference checking with clients on every continent

Benefits of Refapp


Save Time


Evidence Based Templates


Data Driven


Secured Data


Employer Branding



Refapp helps your recruitment team by providing them with a powerful tool to gain unparalleled candidate insights!

Improve your hiring process today