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Better Recruitment Decisions

Digital reference checking with Refapp includes a wide variety of features, integrations and customisation options. Here's how it works! 

Use Refapp in 3 easy steps
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Create your project

Create your project, choose a questionnaire and the language you wish to use in your communication. When you have added your candidates, you can choose to send them a request to submit their referees or add the referees by yourself.

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The referees submit their answers

The referees complete the questionnaire using their computer or smartphone, and you get a notification when answers are submitted.

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The references are collected in a structured and neat report

Refapp collects the answers in a structured and neat report that you can read and share with colleagues online or download as a PDF.

Customise Refapp

In what ways can you customise Refapp to fit your specific needs? Here are a few of our features.


Privacy Policy & GDPR

Include your privacy policy so that candidates and referees know how you store information and feel secure when using Refapp's system.  Customise and add text to your privacy policy describing the processing of personal data during the reference check.


Choose language

We support communication with candidates and referees in more than 20 languages.


Request referees

You can choose if you want to add referees manually or request the candidate to submit them into Refapp.


Implement user rights

If you work in a large organisation, it’s convenient to set up user rights to different user groups. This makes for a more effective and organised workflow.


Use Refapp with Single Sign On

Refapp supports Single Sign On so you only need to login to the system once. This improves both user experience and security within your organisation.


Security and fraud detection

We store your data encrypted for as long as you wish, and then we delete it automatically. When you use Refapp, the system alerts for suspected fraud in your reference checking and suggests actions you can take.

Integrate Refapp with your ATS 

With our integrations, it is easy to initiate and manage your reference checks within your existing HR software.

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Create your own questionnaires

With our form builder, you can create questionnaires to use in specific projects or create templates to reuse within your organisation. The questions you create are saved so you can drag and drop them into other projects when needed.


Schedule a phone call

If you wish to do a traditional reference check, it is easy to schedule a phone call with the referee via Refapp's calendar booking feature. During the reference check, you can collect your notes in Refapp to keep all of your references at the same place.

Are you interested in a demo of Refapp and see how digital reference checking works?