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Refapp Webinar Series: Hiring for Potential and Performance

We have been saying for ages that we should hire for potential and train for skills. But how do you actually do that? This webinar series will dive deep into this. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes and watch the on-demand events below!

On-demand events

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Webinar #4: When AI is screened bu AI, then what?

AI is revolutionising the recruitment process. Candidates are now applying using AI-generated tools and being screened by AI-driven systems. In this evolving landscape, one might wonder what the point of it all is? And which personnel selection methods will actually provide value in the era of AI recruitment?

In this webinar our guest speaker is Nikos Moraitakis, Co-founder and CEO of Workable.

Webinar #3: How agencies can present "wild card" candidates

Watch our third webinar in our series featuring Hung Lee, where we explore the topic of presenting "wild card" candidates. In this session, we delve into effective strategies for showcasing candidates who possess exceptional potential, despite not necessarily fitting the traditional mould of an ideal candidate. 

Joining us for this discussion is James Osborne, the Co-founder of The Recruitment Network, who shares valuable insights from his extensive experience in the industry. 

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Webinar #2: Getting real value from reference checking

Reference checking is a hidden gem. Normally we use it for red flag alerts or ticking the box on the employment verification. But you can learn a lot about a candidate's potential from people that actually observed the candidate on the job. In this webinar, we'll discuss what insights you can retrieve from a reference check as well as provide you with practical steps to work more data-driven, reduce bias in your process and increase validity.

Webinar #1: How to Know Someone Would Be A Great Recruiter

Hiring the right people with the right skills and abilities is a critical activity in Talent Management. It got us wondering what it takes to be able to do just that. What skills and abilities are necessary to be a successful Talent Acquisition Manager or Recruiter?

This is the topic that we discussed in our first out of four webinars together with Hung Lee. In this session, we have
Bettina Liporazzi, Co-Founder of SeedTree Talent, and Thorbjörn Bengtson, Organisational Psychologist, with us. 

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Hung Lee

Hung Lee is a recruitment industry professional and curator of the platform and newsletter Recruiting Brainfood. He is passionate about making recruitment better for people and businesses and is recognised industry-wide for his insight and knowledge in HR and TA.


David Näsström

David is co-owner of Refapp. With 10+ years within the recruitment industry, he is on a mission to transform the recruitment process and help recruiters get valuable insights to ensure confident hiring decisions. 


Emira Blomberg

Emira has been working with recruitment in some shape or form for the past 15 years. She started at an agency in 2007 and has since held positions in HR as well as commercial and managerial roles. Emira joined the Refapp mission in early 2022 and continues to spread the gospel about fair and valid recruitment methods.

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