Reverse referencing: Candidates are now doing reference checks on YOU

Webinar, On demand Emelie Dahl


Recent workforce trends have given us a new recruitment tool - reverse reference checking. Unlike the traditional method where employers contact a candidate's provided references to gather information about the candidate, reversed reference checking flips the process. It's a hot topic and a great opportunity for employers to improve their candidate experience, candidate fit and overall employer brand!

Listen to this insightful webinar where we explore questions such as:

  • How did reverse reference check come about?
  • How does reverse reference checking work?
  • What are the benefits for candidates and employers?
  • What is the best way to conduct a reverse reference check?
  • How can organisations maximise the value of reverse referencing, such as improving their employer brand?


  • Professor Gary Martin, CEO of Australian Institute of Management WA and workforce trend spotter
  • Carl-Johan Holmberg, Recruitment Researcher
  • Niklas Ekberg, Business Developer

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