Accurate and efficient reference checks for the healthcare sector

Ensure your healthcare professionals have the necessary skills and experience to promote patient safety and maintain the high standards required in the industry


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Why Refapp?

Manage high staff turnover and volume recruitment

In the fast-paced healthcare industry, staff turnover is like a constantly running machine. Replacing personnel efficiently is key to maintaining seamless operations. 

Automated and digital reference checking

Standardise your reference checking in an efficient, data-driven way, allowing you to filter large volumes of candidates down to a select few with ease. 

Secure and compliant process

Maintain information security compliance throughout your communications with candidates and references, from collecting information to storing it. References verify themselves as they submit their answers, and the system alerts you to suspected fraud.

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Win the race for talent

Hire the best talent quickly

In an industry with a shortage of candidates, time is of the essence. Refapp focuses on the candidate experience and a smooth reference check for all parties involved, ensuring you never lose a top candidate due to late offers.

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Data-driven and inclusive hiring

The importance of role suitability

Hiring in healthcare means you're responsible for the well-being of others. Refapp helps you make informed decisions and simplifies the process of assessing risk behaviors, providing a better alternative to traditional assessments.

Demonstrating the right behaviors is crucial, especially when assessing risk and ensuring a good fit within your team.

Optimised reference checking

A plug-and-play solution to better predict your candidates' work performance


Role-specific and science-based questionnaires

Gain valuable insight into the behaviours associated with job performance in a specific role. Choose from our extensive library of templates.

Data to make informed recruitment decisions

Relevant and reliable insights on whether the candidate is suited for the role they are applying for.

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Utilise a fully digital collection of references

Once you have chosen the questionnaire and provided information about the candidate, you can easily start the reference checking with one click in Refapp. The rest is done automatically and you receive the finished reference report by email.

Professional and streamlined reporting 

Gain all of the candidate's references in one report to easily compare answers.


86% Response Rate

Our automated reminders, accessibility and intuitive user interface ensure references are more likely to respond.

7hr Typical Response Time

Gather all of your references for a candidate within a couple of hours. 

85 NPS Score

96% Likes Using Refapp

The majority of references providing a reference check via Refapp have had a positive experience. 

Benefits of Refapp


Save Time


Research Based Templates


Data Driven


Secured Data


Employer Branding



Refapp helps your recruitment team by providing them with a powerful tool to gain unparalleled candidate insights!

Improve your hiring process today