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Refapp & Teamtailor integration

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We love to enable growth by helping our customers by offering a seamless and modern integration. It's easy to initiate a reference check from your existing workflow. Lean back and let the references answer when and how it suits them. They can choose any device to reply with and also have the option of setting up a call, using our calendar system.

This, coupled with progress tracking, fraud detection, statistics and clear and unbiased reporting, brings improved efficiency and valuable insights with higher validity. Allow your team to spend more time on other revenue-generating activities and onboarding new candidates!


Teamtailor has been disrupting HR technology and changing the way businesses around the world think about recruitment since 2013. The truth is: great hiring starts with you. Teamtailor empowers you to create an unforgettable candidate experience and build relationships with the right talent for your business with a comprehensive, easy to use, all-in-one applicant tracking system.

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