Breaking the myths of reference checking

Webinar, On demand Emelie Dahl

Watch our webinar as we discuss the myths behind reference checking and give practical tips for getting the most out of the process!💥

We often hear that a reason recruiters are not checking references digitally is the lack of possibility to 'read between the lines'💭 Many also state that it's pointless to do reference checking at all because references only say positive things about the candidates.

But is there really any truth to these claims? 

What do our experts, Business Analyst & Researcher Carl-Johan Holmberg from Refapp and Occupational and organisational psychologist Juho Toivola from Asselmointi, say about this?

The discussion is moderated by Jesse Rosti, Sales Manager at Refapp.

We hope you find the webinar interesting, please get in touch if you want to know more!