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Automated Right to Work checks with Refapp

Eliminate risk and ensure all necessary precautions to prove your candidate’s identity. Refapp can help you protect against any liabilities and also help validate your hire seamlessly.
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Automated identity checks

To date, hundreds of customers have trusted Refapp with their reference checking by automating their process.  Refapp has now added Right To Work check into its offering to continue to accelerate your onboarding with automated Identity Checks.

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Refapp & HooYu

Refapp has partnered with Government-trusted IDSP, HooYu, to deliver a seamless and accurate Right To Work verification on every candidate you hire.

This new feature allows you to conduct identity checks within Refapp’s solution for an easier experience. 

How it works
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Send A Request

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Personalised Email Sent


Candidate Fills Out Their Address

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Passport & Liveness Check Completed by Candidate

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Final Reports Come Back Through Refapp

Want to know more?
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U.K. Legislation

UK employers are required to ensure that employees are legally allowed to work in the UK. A positive step has been taken to enable this process to be carried out online and via remote access through Refapp.


Automated Emails and Reminders

Requesting a Right To Work check has become easier now with Refapp’s automated messaging and reminders, so your recruiters just need to send a request and let the solution do the rest.

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Easy For The Candidate 

Thanks to HooYu’s intuitive interface, it is very easy for a candidate to provide their Liveness Check and Photo I.D. Verification.

Easy To Acquire Reports

Reports sent directly to your Refapp account once a check has been completed. Once a report completed you will have access to it along with any additional reference checks you have requested from your candidate