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Nos Partenaires et Amis

Notre vision est de proposer des services numériques intelligents et conviviaux aux solutions de recrutement. Nos partenaires stratégiques et amis dans l’industrie sont des composants vitaux qui soutiennent cette vision !

Vérification des références basée sur les compétences

En implémentant vos tests de compétences avec Refapp, vous alignez la vérification des références sur l'ensemble de votre processus de recrutement.


Qu’il s’agisse de recruter de nouvelles personnes, de les développer ou encore de les faire évoluer au sein de votre entreprise, AssessFirst vous apporte toute l’information dont vous avez besoin pour prendre les meilleures décisions possibles, à toutes les étapes de la gestion des talents.


Visite AssesFirst

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The ultimate combination of leading psychometrics and modern technology
Created by our team of psychometricians, data scientists, and talent acquisition experts, Alva's psychometric tests combine leading science in psychological measurements with advanced machine learning. Together, they form a platform for candidate assessment that makes hiring better for everyone.

Alva Labs Criterias will be connected free of charge for common customers of Refapp and Alva Labs. Contact support@refapp.com to activate the Criterias.

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Aon's assessment solutions take the objective measurement of candidate information to the next level. Our solutions are brand-supporting, innovative, engaging and employ the best of AI and psychometric advancements.

Aon Competency Framework (Adept-15 or Shapes) will be connected free of charge for common customers of Refapp and Aon. Contact support@refapp.com to activate the competency framework.

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Assessio is the Nordic region’s leading consulting company specialized in strategic HR with digital solutions for recruitment and development. Through tests and tools, we provide our customers with data-driven insights about both current and potential employees. Our tools anticipate job performance, identify potential and match organizations with the right candidates based on values and job roles.

Assessio Competency Framework will be connected free of charge for common customers of Refapp and Assessio. Contact support@refapp.com to activate the competency framework.

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HOME of Recruitment boosts your recruitment process. They help you recruit new employees and provide you with guidance and education within competency-based recruitment.

HOME of Recruitment competency framework will be connected free of charge for any customers of Refapp. Contact support@refapp.com to activate the competency framework.

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Lindelöw & Partners has been operating as a consultancy with a focus on recruitment since 2000. Malin Lindelöw has a solid methodological knowledge. She holds a PhD in Psychology from King's College London and has worked in recruitment for over 20 years.

Lindelöw & Partners Competency Framework will be connected free of charge for common customers of Refapp and Lindelöw & Partners. Contact support@refapp.com to activate the competency framework.

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Amis dans le secteur RH

Une sélection de nos amis de l'industrie qui sont tous des contributeurs de premier plan dans leurs domaines respectifs.


The recruiting platform to find great candidates through your employees.

GreatPeople helps you recruit smarter and evolve your referral culture. With our platform, you will engage your colleagues, structure the way you handle referrals, simplify internal mobility and decrease your recruitment costs. For your colleagues, it will be an easy to use tool where they can make referrals in less than 30 seconds.

RecPro offers consultancy services within recruitment and Employer Branding. We have a proven track record of helping both startups and large listed companies to succeed with their recruitment. Regardless of the challenge, we can present a solution that matches our clients’ short-term needs as well as the long-term objectives. We strive to keep ahead of development in order to exceed expectations.
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Hubert is using AI-technology to automate early stages of screening process and enables talented hiring teams to spend time where it's best used.

Recruiting for entry-level positions can be a daunting task as applications often reach 300-400 for a single open position.

Use Hubert to automate your initial screening from application down to a curated shortlist of the most promising candidates.
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Trustcruit collects feedback from your candidates in 5 steps of the recruitment process; after application, after interviews, after rejection, onboarding and hiring manager follow up. Collecting feedback will help you work data-driven, benchmark your performance and improve your recruitment process. Average Trustcruit client improves their recruitment process 7,3-8,0 point in Net Promoter Score during the first 12 months.
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